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Avatar World 2

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Avatar World is a life simulator with endless opportunities. Generate any character you wish and write its life story. Dress it up in the most fashionable clothes and emphasise your creativeness with various accessories. Settle your hero in a stunning house and go to diverse locations.

Build the house of your dreams

You can design the place where you want to live, in many ways. Change the wallpapers and the floor, and then place the furniture. Make your place the most comfortable for your life. Buy all sorts of decorations, such as plants, technical devices, pictures and other. The latest update added more luxurious options, so that you can feel like a rich person.

In this game, you can also use these objects for its intended purpose. Play musical instruments and sing enjoyable compositions, prepare delicious food in your modern kitchen. You can even chill in your own hot tub! You can totally find something to do in your own house, just remember to clean it regularly.

There is a wide range of locations for you to visit

The locations in Avatar World are so diverse that it’s hard to decide where you should go. You can visit some places in the city or go to the suburban area and chill in the open air. Also, you can alter your appearance if you go to the hair salon.

All the areas are very colourful and detailed. There are a lot of objects you can grab, push and throw. You can apply them, combine, and see what will happen. This way, you are able to prepare meals if you find the appropriate recipes. Or you can go and play basketball with your friends. Check if you are a skilful player. Even if you lose, you can go to the nearest café and have a good time.

Each game update brings more content. You will never lose interest, as the list of activities is constantly replenished. With the recent one, you receive the ability to take up gardening. Grow various plants and make the city greener. You can profit from this hobby as well, because you can grow fruits and vegetables for your meals.

However, there are some secret features in every location. Can you find them all? You will need to use your imagination and solve the puzzle that will lead you to the hidden treasure. Become a treasure hunter and explore all the areas.