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Yandere Simulator

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You have found your love and now you have to maintain it! In this game, you are a schoolgirl who wants to be together with the boy she likes. However, everything is not that easy. Your object of adoration seems to ignore you. Make him fall in love with you!

As an average teen, you have to go to school and attend classes. Don’t forget about it, when you will be stalking your senpai. Furthermore, you are getting too nervous when he is around, so try to keep out of his sight and do your tasks secretly.

You are going to compete with different girls for the attention of your beloved one. To exclude the danger for sure, you need to exterminate them all. There are many ways to do it, the only requirement for you is to make it stealthy. In case you fail, the police will take you away. You have to do anything to fulfil your dream!