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Avatar World

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Construct a cute avatar and head to the adventures with it in Avatar World! This game is specifically designed to let you turn all your dreams into reality. You will be able to choose from thousands of activities. Don’t put away these exciting adventures and play this project now!

Decorate the environment and yourself

Put all your ideas into one character. Alter each feature as you wish to make it look exactly how you imagined. Your avatar will be a mannequin for the creative looks you come up with. Combine different styles into something new or stick to casual clothes. Add a cute hairstyle and adornments to compliment the look.

Nobody would like to live in an empty house, so decorate it to match with your preferences. Equip the place with various gadgets and furniture to make it look cosy and charming. One of the most stunning details is that you can interact with all these objects. Play on the computer or watch TV, sing a pleasant song or groom your pet. Even at home, you can find so many things to do!

Don’t forget to clean your space, though. Take a piece of cloth and wipe the dust. Wash your clothes to maintain it nice and clean. You will also need some products to cook meals at home. Go to the market to keep your fridge full.

Make the city your playground

On the street, you will meet many colourful locations that you can visit. Why don’t you go somewhere to eat? There is a small comfy restaurant where you can order a set of meals. Enjoy it alone or with your friends. Anyway, the diversity of the food will pleasantly surprise you.

If you want to chill, go to the pool and relax on the chaise lounge. If you feel that it’s too hot, grab a rubber ring and jump into the pool. During a break between these two activities, order a chilly drink to make the experience more entertaining.

You can become an actor and participate in scenes. Experiment with the prop to make the scenario unforgettable. Get the main role or stay behind the scene. If you don’t want to make it yourself, you can always become a spectator and enjoy the already prepared scenes.

When you feel that you are sick of city life, go to nature and clear your mind. Organise a picnic and drink a cup of juicy lemonade. Listen to your favourite music and contemplate nature.

The project gives you opportunities to build your life in any direction and sequence. Invent the stories and make yourself the main hero. Try out multiple activities and acquire new hobbies. Remember that everything is possible in Avatar World.