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Avatar World Update

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Dive into the world full of marvellous activities! In Avatar World you can perform all sorts of things. Adjust your avatar to your preferred state and head to an incredible array of places. Visit each of them and decide which leisure is your favourite.

Dainty characters and their cosy houses

You have endless possibilities for styling your avatar. Whether you prefer cute girly dresses and pink bows or brutal leather jackets with boots, you will be able to find the options that will suit your needs. Blend them into a peculiar mixture to make your hero look absolutely outstanding. It is so easy to form a new outfit, that this task will captivate you for a long time.

In addition to the appearance, give your character a new home. The interior will look exactly as you fancy, if you use one of the multiple accessories the project offers you. With the latest update, you can build a rich mansion, where your avatar will feel like a millionaire. Add an elegant pool, where you can chill on the air mattress. Construct a lavish kitchen and prepare splendid meals there.

Go over to see the locations

Every area has something engaging for you to play with. Find different quests and complete them to get the unexpected plot twists. You are constructing the life of your heroes and only decide what mission they have to accomplish.

Play with the objects you can touch to encounter a new opportunity. The game lets you use your imagination and collaborate with other avatars. Gather a crowd and go somewhere to have fun. For instance, you can go to the nearest riverbank and go swimming. You will surely have a good time with your buddies.

Now you are also able to go out to the cafes and restaurants. If you don’t really want to fiddle around with all these ingredients and wash up the dishes at home, you can get to the pizzeria. Eat one of the most wonderful pizzas you have ever seen and take a drink together with it!