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Avatar World 2023

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Construct your second virtual life in Avatar World! If you have ever wondered, what would happen if you have chosen a different profession or picked up another hairstyle, you can now find out in this project. Dance, sing, cook, do sports and many more activities!

Endless opportunities

The game starts with the designing of an extraordinary avatar. You can select the gender and skin tone, which will define the main features of the hero. Then come to the face options. Single out the eye shape, lips, nose and eyebrows you prefer. Notice that there are plenty of shapes and sizes.

After the face you should define the hairdo. Make it in interesting frames and textures. Try out all the options before you stop on a particular one. However, you will be able to dye or cut your hair later in one of the locations. This mechanics looks pretty realistic, doesn’t it?

When it comes to the clothes, you can play for hours. You will definitely spend many hours adjusting and mixing the garments into the combo which will satisfy you. You can put on a nice and cute dress or a combination of a shirt and jeans. Maybe a jacket will be a good addition, as well. Don’t forget about fashionable shoes and thousands of accessories.

Effortless controls

Apart from the creation editor, the manageable gameplay is something that makes Avatar World prominent. There are not so many instruments and you don’t need explanations to use them. Just click on the option you want to apply. The same goes with the objects. Take them in your inventory or drag them across the location.

Each location gives you a specific set of the items. In the grocery stores you are going to find a wide range of products, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and so on. On the bank of the river you will be able to go boating and fishing. And at the outdoor theatre you will play the role and record it on camera.

Monitor the updates to diversify your playing session and make it more lively. The recent updates added fast-food restaurants that were a good extension. Who doesn’t like pizza and hot dogs? Now you can enjoy them straight in the game!