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Avatar World: City Life

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Enjoy the designing of your own adorable avatar! Avatar World gives you absolute freedom in altering the appearance of your character. Change every detail to make a solid style just as you have imagined it!

In the game, you can modify not only your avatar, but also its apartment. Add multiple rooms to provide diverse entertainments for your hero to play with. You can build a luxurious bedroom with a nice place for a computer table or construct a gym with all sorts of exercise machines. The most distinctive thing is that you can interact with all the objects you have acquired.

Make your avatar’s life packed with adventures. You can find them practically everywhere! Go to the park or café to lounge and just contemplate nature and the pleasant atmosphere around. If you would like to deal with something active, play any kind of sport. This will definitely come to the taste of the active characters.

While completing another task or when you are just wandering around, you have a chance to find hidden objects. If you are curious enough, you will be able to encounter them all. Maybe you will need a friend to help you.