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Chic Baby 2

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Take care of a small toddler in Chic Baby 2. Make sure that your baby is feeling alright. Be a good babysitter and fulfil all its needs in time. Don’t let the baby be hungry or dirty, because you will make it sad.

Feed the toddler regularly with different products. Start with preparing a bottle of formula milk. This will surely come to the child’s taste. Later you can try to prepare some additional dishes. Make a vegetable or fruit puree and let the child taste it. Don’t forget to wipe its mouth, because babies can be messy.

Also, bath the child when needed. Put it into the bathtub, wash it with the sponge and soap and help it brush the teeth. Add a cute yellow duck to keep the toddler entertained and make the hygienic procedures more fun. After the bath, dress the baby in adorable tiny clothes and give it some toys.